Enrolment Zone

Enrolment Zone: 

Clearview Primary will not be accepting out of zone enrolments. To find out if you are in the Clearview Primary home zone please refer to map and link below.

For closer details of streets, go to the Ministry of Education TKI website, enter ‘Clearview Primary’ into the search on the left. Click on ‘Show/Hide Enrolment Zone’ to clearly see the enrolment zone.

Click here to read the Clearview Primary School Enrolment Scheme.

Below is the Clearview Primary Enrolment Zone Map. Click on the map for a closer view.

Enrolment Scheme – Clearview Primary

The purpose of the enrolment scheme is to avoid overcrowding in the four schools (Clearview, West Rolleston, Rolleston and Lemonwood Grove) and to ensure that these educational facilities operate in the most efficient way possible.

The Enrolment scheme home zone includes addresses on both sides of boundary roads unless otherwise stated.


Clearview Primary School and Lemonwood Grove School

In accordance with section 11MA of the Education Act, 1989, The Board of Trustees of Lemonwood Grove School and Clearview Primary hereby wish to notify the public of the minor amendment to the enrolment zone between the two schools.

In order to avoid the likelihood of future overcrowding in both schools, the boards of Clearview Primary and Lemonwood Grove wish to define the enrolment zone between Springston-Rolleston Road and Lincoln-Rolleston Road, effective from Monday 5th August 2019.

Please note the important information below:

The boundary roads that determine each school’s zone include both sides of the road for both Lemonwood Grove and Clearview Primary. The ‘Roads map’ and written description will show the distinction between both school zones.

New additions to the Enrolment Zone are in red.

Starting from the intersection of Springston-Rolleston Road, Lowes Road, and Tennyson Street;

  • North-West on Tennyson Street until Michelangelo Drive
  • South-West on Michelangelo Drive until Rembrandt Drive
  • North-West on Rembrandt Drive until Rolleston Drive
  • South-West on Rolleston Drive until Renoir Drive (including 180 Rolleston Drive)
  • South on Renoir Drive until Rosa Street
  • South-East on Rosa Street until Lowes Road
  • South-West on Lowes Road until East Maddisons Road
  • South-East on East Maddisons Road until Oak Tree Lane (including up to 679 East Maddisons Road and Ellington Mews)
  • North-East on Oak Tree Lane until Goulds Road  (including Baxter Crescent and Salisbury Drive)
  • South-West on Goulds Road until Dynes Road (includes Goulds Road addresses down to number 1035, Kakapo Place, Kiddy Place, Marliece Street, Hepburn Place, addresses on the north side of Fry Pl and Burrow St, and Widdowson Rd addresses 12 and above.)
  • North-East on Dynes Road (north side only) until Springston-RoIleston Road / Lanner Drive intersection.
  • North-East along both sides of Lanner Drive to Eyas Drive
  • South along Eyas Drive to Crets Road / Talon Drive / Falcons Landing
  • North-East along Crets Road / Talon Drive / Falcons Landing to Lincoln Rolleston Road
  • North-West on Lincoln Rolleston Road (excluding 202 Lincoln Rolleston Road)to Nobeline Drive
  • North-East along Nobeline Drive and through to Brendean Drive
  • North-East along Brendean Drive to Weedons Road
  • North-West along the western side only of Weedons Road to Levi Road
  • South-West along the south side only of Levi Road to Lincoln-Rolleston Road / Lowes Road intersection
  • South-West along both sides of Lowes Road to the intersection of Springston-Rolleston Road, Lowes Road, and Tennyson Street

Families resident in the following named streets are dual-zoned for Clearview Primary and Rolleston School.  These families have a choice of enrolment at either school as in-zone students.

  1. Both sides of Rolleston Drive to the corner of Rolleston Drive and Rembrandt Drive (including 108 and 137 Rolleston Drive, and 1 and 2 Rembrandt Drive).
  2. Both sides of Rembrandt Drive to the corner of Rembrandt Drive and Michelangelo Drive (including 11 and 14 Rembrandt Drive).
  3. Both sides of Michelangelo Drive to the corner of Michelangelo Drive and Tennyson Street (including 97 Tennyson Street).
  4. Both sides of Tennyson Street to the roundabout of Goulds Road, Lowes Road, the Springston-Rolleston Road and Tennyson Street (including 61 and 70 Lowes Road, and 123 Tennyson Street).
  5. Both sides of Lowes Road to the roundabout of Lowes Road, Masefield Drive and Lincoln Rolleston Road (including 3 and 4 Lowes Road.)
  6. Both sides of Lincoln Rolleston Road to the corner of Lincoln Rolleston Road and Selwyn Road.

Families resident in the following named streets are dual-zoned for Clearview Primary and West Rolleston School.  These families have a choice of enrolment at either school as in-zone students.

  1. Both sides of Renoir Drive from Rolleston Drive to Rosa Street.
  2. Both sides of Rosa Street to the corner of Lowes Road (including 171 and 174 Lowes Road)
  3. Both sides of Lowes Road from Rosa Street to East Maddisons Road (including 410 Lowes Road and 231, 233 and 236 East Maddisons Road).
  4. Mila Haven
  5. Ellington Mews
  6. Keates Place

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