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There is increasing pressure on the services that provide health advice and support to individuals and families in both the education and health sectors.  An individual or family’s journey to wellness is taking longer, and there are often multiple challenges on the way.

Making this journey can be overwhelming and isolating. There are so many questions.  Having answers to these questions can reduce the levels of stress for an individual and their whānau.

Listening to Families is a grassroots solution, providing families access to the answers to commonly asked questions in an easy-to-use, conversational video format.  The videos can be watched, shared, and discussed in multiple settings – in the home, with a group in the community or with an education or health professional. When an answer is provided in an individual consultation it can be hard to remember all the details that need to be shared and discussed with other members of the family.  The Listening to Families video resources ensure that the answers are always available.

The questions asked in the Listening to Families videos come directly from families with the answers provided by trusted specialists who have volunteered their time to be part of this Canterbury-based community project. Through these videos we aim to educate and empower families, reducing the feelings of isolation that so often come hand-in-hand with health challenges. We also provide links to trusted resources that can be used to positively support a family’s journey.

The information on this website and in the video clips is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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