Leveraging Digital @ Clearview

At Clearview Primary, the effective use of digital technologies relates directly to our school’s vision, ‘We are developing skilled thinkers and communicators stepping out with confidence’.

Technology is embedded throughout our curriculum to enhance learning, promote engagement and give students exciting opportunities to be creative, innovative and digitally competent in today’s world. We teach our students to be safe online and to have an understanding of their digital footprint through the Digital Technologies Curriculum.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Information

At Clearview, we encourage families to purchase a BYOD device for their child. This will ensure that their child has consistent access to a device whenever required, and it is set up for their individual needs. 

Clearview has committed to professional development for teachers to successfully utilise Apple devices in their programme. It is the school’s recommendation only that should you choose to bring a device, it should be an iPad.

Why do we recommend iPads?

  • Clearview has committed to professional development for teachers to successfully utilise an Apple device in their programme
  • Our school-provided devices are exclusively iPads
  • iPads have an average lifespan of five years, so if purchased in Year 3/4 this should serve your child for the remainder of their time at Clearview
  • iPads provide opportunities for students to explore and share their learning in creative ways, as they learn digital skills for the future
  • iPads cater to a variety of learners' needs due to their accessibility features that our staff are trained to use
  • iPads are able to be monitored through our device management system
  • Clearview is currently investing in technology such as Apple Pencils that will support the use of iPads in the classroom 
  • As of March 2024, an iPad (6th Generation) from 2017 works on the school network

When purchasing a device we recommend buying a robust case. We will then ensure you have co-signed the BYOD agreement with your child at the beginning of the year. Staff are available to support your child with initial setup and connection to the school network. 


Device Setup on the School Network

When your child brings their device to school for the first time, it will need to be “provisioned” on our network. This links the device to your child’s School Google ID and allows them to access the internet in a safe manner using our advanced content filters. Our contracted IT company assists us most Fridays during the school term to help with this process. Please see the notes below for your device type:

Apple iPad
If your iPad has Screentime Restrictions enabled, please check that the device can access all websites:

(Settings App > Screen time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Content Restrictions > Web Content > Set this to “Limit Adult Websites” or “Unrestricted”.)

If your Chromebook has sign-in restrictions enabled preventing other users from signing in, Please disable this temporarily:

(Sign in with owner account > Click the Time > Select Settings > Security & Privacy > Manage other People > Turn off “Restrict Sign in to the Following Users”)

Windows or Mac Laptops
We do not recommend Windows or Mac laptops be brought to school under our BYOD programme. This is because these devices are usually bigger, heavier, more expensive, and often more fragile than other devices.

If you do bring such devices to school, we recommend that you create a separate local user account on the device for your child to use when they are at school. This will keep their school work completely separate from their personal files.

Android Tablets
Because there are so many different brands of Android tablets, let alone individual operating system versions, it’s impossible to provide device specific advise, but in general, if your Android device is set up with a Child Google ID Account using Google’s FamilyLink function, then it will be unable to be used at the school. This is because a FamilyLink Child account is considered to be a Managed Google ID and their School Google ID is also a Managed Google ID. Most Android devices can only accept ONE Managed Google ID at a time.

If you have an Android device, for the best chance of getting it to work on the school network, please remove any existing Google ID on the device. Once we have signed into the device using your child's School Google ID, you may be able to re-add your personal Google ID later. However, this is not always the case.

Even with the above considerations, we have found that some Android devices just fail to provision correctly. In these cases, we will send the device home asking you to send the device in to us in a factory reset state. We can then give it another attempt at provisioning it, however, if this fails to work then there is nothing more that the school can do.

While we strive to support a wide variety of devices available on the market, some devices have proven to be more reliable and compatible with our network than others. If you have an existing device at home, we will endeavour to accommodate this, however as the school has limited resources on-site to address technical issues, in some instances we may be unable to accommodate your child’s device.

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