PCG – Parent Community Group

The Clearview Parent Community Group (PCG) is a group of interested and motivated parents/caregivers.

The PCG organises various fundraising events and initiatives throughout the year which supports our school financially by raising funds to put back into the school.  Another of our aims is to bring together our community of families within the school.  We believe it is important to maintain strong relationships between school and families.

Some of the regular projects the PCG runs include: sausage sizzles, school discos, second-hand uniform sales, Fete and other opt-in initiatives such as art calendars, raffles, family photo sessions and the sale of other items.

Money raised by the PCG directly supports the children and school.  Some examples of what the PCG has supported, team uniforms, sporting equipment, scooter and bike stands, library books, wet day games, picnic tables, kitchen equipment for Homebase blocks, additions to the junior playground, Duplo, transport costs and the senior playground.

Friends of the PCG/Parent Volunteers

We are always seeking interested and willing parents/caregivers who want to give some of their time to support events but don’t want to necessary become a member of the PCG.  If this sounds like you, why not fill in our online form to join our Friends of the PCG email list (or feel free to email us directly to ask to be added to the list).  When extra help is needed for individual fundraising events throughout the year, we can refer to this list.  As a friend of the PCG you would not be obligated to help out every time you are asked.  However if you are on our email list, we can let you know what we have coming up and see if you can help.

Roles & Responsibilities


Chairperson Lisa Fisher
Deputy Chairperson Sue Donaldson
Treasurer Nicola Keene
Deputy Treasurer Liz Butland
Secretary Hayley Head
Community Liaison Douglas Donaldson
Committee Members  Julia Hawke
Staff Representative Tina Girvan
Principal Rob Rush
Email Address pcg@clearview.school.nz


The PCG meets usually twice a term together with a teacher representative in the Café Room at 7.00pm.  Our meetings are publicised through the Clearview School App, the school newsletter and we also have a Clearview Primary PCG Facebook page.  All parents/caregivers are welcome to attend.  You can officially join as a committee member and have a specific role, or just come along to hear what we are doing and to share your ideas.  If you have a specific item to put forward for the agenda, please email us pcg@clearview.school.nz.

The PCG constitution can be reviewed here.

PCG Meeting Dates for 2020
These meetings are held in the school Five to Nine café at 7pm.
Term 1

  • Week 9 – Tuesday 31 March

Term 2

  • Week 2 – Tuesday 5 May
  • Week 9 – Tuesday 23 June

Term 3

  • Week 2 – Tuesday 28 July
  • Week 9 – Wednesday 16 September

Term 4

  • Week 2 – Tuesday 20 October
  • Week 9 – Tuesday 24 November

Annual General Meeting – Wednesday 10 February
Where: Clearview Staffroom
When: 7.00pm

Selling Uniform Second Hand

We are always in need of a lot more stock for the second hand uniform sales and gratefully accept items that you may wish to donate for this purpose.

We also provide the option to sell items on your behalf.  If this is something you would like for us to do, please bring them to the school office with the 2nd Hand Uniform form. When we sell on your behalf, you receive 80% of the item sold, with the PCG receiving 20% donate back to school.

We are currently stock taking ahead of our next second hand uniform sale but we are always in great need of items in good condition particularly sizes 8-10.

Click on the link if you have uniform items you would like to for the PCG to sell.

Second Hand Uniform Form

Second Hand Uniform Sale Dates

Term 1 – Sunday 5 April – 10.00am – 12.00pm

Term 2 – Sunday 28 June – 10.00am – 12.00pm

Term 3 – Sunday 6 September – 10.00am – 12.00pm

Term 1 – Tuesday 2 Feb – 1.00 – 3.00pm – School Hall

Other PCG Events
More information coming soon

Term 1

  • Friday 13 March – Easter Mufti Day
  • Monday 23 – Sunday 29 March – Ice Skating Rink
  • Friday 27 March – Ice Skating Disco
  • Thursday 2 April – Easter Raffle Draw

Term 2

  • Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 June – Family Photos

Term 3

  • Friday 7 August – Hot Diggity Dog lunch – junior school
  • Friday 14 August – Hot Diggity Dog lunch – senior school
  • Friday 28th August – School Disco – postponed
  • Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 September – Curry Lunch (Different Year levels on each day)
  • Sunday 20 September – Clearview FETE – postponed to 26 September 2021

Term 4

  • Weeks 1-2 – Calendar Art returned
  • Friday 30 October – School Disco
  • Friday 20 November – Bacon Butty lunch – junior school (Years 0-4)
  • Friday 27 November – Bacon Butty lunch – senior school (Years 5-8)
  • Thursday 12 November – Christmas Mufti Day
  • Thursday 3 December – Christmas Raffle Draw
  • Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 December – Curry Lunch (Different Year levels on each day)

Clearview Fete 2021

Our first Fete committee meeting is at 7.30pm on Tuesday 27th October, in the school boardroom (next to the school office). We welcome anyone that wish to be part of the committee, without enough members the 2021 fete will not proceed forward…

Can you please RSVP to fete@clearview.school.nz whether you are able to make it?

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