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You play an important part in supporting your child's learning.

The Ministry of Education website has tips on how you can support your child’s learning during their years at school. This can be done through interactive, fun, easy, everyday activities that you can do at home, and while out and about.

Click on the image below that represents your child's year at school to view more information.


NZ Maths is a great website to find out different ways you can help your child with their maths learning. The video below shows many things you can do to support their learning and maths used in everyday experiences.

Check out more facts, ideas and games on their website.

Vodafone, together with The Parenting Place and Netsafe, have practical tips and solutions to help you and your family take full advantage of this digital age.

Here you can find:

  • tips on how your family can stay safe while being online
  • how to manage your kid's digital device usage, gaming habits and screen time
  • articles to bring you up to speed on managing digital devices and staying updated on the latest digital trends

Mana Ake
Mana Ake provides support to children in Canterbury, in years 1-8 at school, promoting wellbeing and positive mental health.  We can support children at school and at home and provide advice, guidance and workshops for parents, whānau and teachers.

Supporting Your Child - click on this link to find out more about how you can support your child about a variety of topics.


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