Clearview Primary School Logo

Our logo captures the essence of Clearview Primary in a number of forms.

Firstly, the logo takes on the shape of an eye which depicts the clear view of the school site and the Southern Alps. The building design and outdoor areas have clean crisp lines and create a feeling of clarity and openness. The koru design on the outer parts of the logo represent our New Zealand heritage symbolising new beginnings, growth and learning as well as our desire to care for our natural resources and environment. The koru also reflect the connectedness of our students to their learning and to the global world beyond our school as they engage with their local community, New Zealand and wider global community.


Secondly, the logo encapsulates the vision, values and core beliefs of Clearview Primary. At the centre of the logo, is the vision we have for our students and all that we do should always link back to this. The next outer layer are the competencies we deem important for Clearview. We have CLEAR compentencies that we will model to each other, our students, parents and wider community. Finally the outer rim of our logo are the core beliefs we have about teaching and learning which is based on effective pedagogy.

Vision: Skilled thinkers and communicators stepping out with confidence

Values : Whanaungatanga, Ako, Manākitanga

Core Beliefs about teaching and learning: create a supportive learning environment, encourage reflective thought and action, provide sufficient opportunities to learn, facilitate shared learning, make connections to prior learning and experiences and enhance the relevance of new learning

Finally, from a Māori perspective the logo design links to the 5 stones blessed and buried at the school site. The four river stones are dedicated to one of the four cardinal elements and to the guardian Atua of each element. These have influence over the four 'bodies' of the human person:

Fire:     Io-matua-kore (the Creator) - the Spiritual Body
Air:      Rakinui (Sky Father) - the Mental Body
Water: Takaroa (the God of the Seas and Oceans) - the Emotional Body
Earth: Papatuanuku (Earth Mother) - the Physical Body

The fifth stone, of pounamu, is the 'mauri stone’; The central stone in the configuration into which the mauri (the physical life force of the Creator) was named. It holds the name Te Kura o Marama.


Clearview Primary Cultural Narrative

We have developed our very own ‘Cultural Narrative’ with the help from Mātauraka Mahaanui and in collaboration with Te Taumutu Runanga. Our Clearview Cultural Narrative details the history and meaning of our school as well as the ecology of the local landscape. Through this process of developing our Cultural Narrative, we were very fortunate to be gifted some special names for each team.

Each team at Clearview has their own name that was gifted by Te Taumutu and we have had kowhaiwhai and team motifs designed for each team.

The team kowhaiwhai patterns have been integrated together to give us a school kowhaiwhai pattern where all of the teams are represented. The design on the windows across our kura is known as the Raranga Tahi design and it brings together all team designs into one universal (school-wide) kowhaiwhai. In other words, a small part of every team’s kowhaiwhai is represented in the Raranga Tahi window decal.  We also have signs located outside the blocks to show where each team is located.

Our new Team names are:

  • Team Uranga:  Year 0-1
    (Uranga:  discover new knowledge.  Come to light – the dawn of understanding)
  • Team Āria: Year 1-2
    (Aria:  physical representation of an Atua.  Spark of an idea)
  • Team Matatea:  Year 3-4
    (Matatea:  to see clearly – with clarity)
  • Team Tāiri: Year 5-6
    Tāiri:  suspended horizon – a quest to achieve your goal)
  • Team Tīramaroa: Year 7/8
    (Tīramoroa: light that hits the top of the mountain/summit)
Clearview Kowhaiwhai

We also have our amazing carving in the office admin area which has a whakatuāki written proudly above it. The whakatuāki takes our school vision and captures it in three parts; te kura wānanga means ‘the lore of communication’, te kura takahi puni means ‘to move together and united as a force’ and te kura mārama means ‘enlightenment through education.

This picture shows each Team’s Kowhaiwhai design. The top one (in black) is Raranga Tahi, followed by Tūrama, Uranga, Tāiri, Tīramaroa and Matatea.

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