Clearview Primary Charter

Our Strategic Goals

Goal 1:

Goal 2:

Goal 3:

Strive for continued personal growth for students and staff to achieve to the best of their abilities Strengthen partnerships with students, staff, family, whānau and community to build on our positive learning culture Provide deep learning experiences to grow innovation and enterprise
• Continue to reflect on and refine the collaborative practice that leads to improved learning outcomes

• Empower students and staff to accept and take on new challenges

• Value and incorporate student input into collaborative decision making

• Apply the Clearview competencies at school and beyond

• Promote physical, emotional, social and cultural wellbeing and self worth

• Celebrate and continue to grow our inclusive school environment

• Work in partnership with our Maori community (including Te Taumutu Runanga), and our Pasifika groups

• Further connect and consult with the community

• Establish and build connections on a global scale

• Provide leadership opportunities

• Develop skills to adapt to, connect with and care for our ever changing world

• Promote aspirational forward thinkers with confidence in their own thoughts and abilities

• Foster imagination and pursue novel ideas

• Use a variety of digital tools and resources to enhance creativity and curiosity

Click on the link below to view the full Clearview Primary Charter for 2020.

2020 Charter

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