Information about Learning Support at Clearview

How do we support our tamariki/children?

At Clearview we have a range of supports for our tamariki. Some of our tamariki have very specific needs and come to school with funding support from the Ministry of Education. They will have teaching assistants (TAs) in their classroom to support their learning alongside their teachers. 

There is a range of funding available to support schools with students and these range from students with physical needs, communication or behaviour support. 

We also have support for our tamariki with English Speakers of other languages (ESOL) and we support them with literacy skills using our Teaching Assistants and our ESOL coordinator.

How do we support all students?

At Clearview we use a UDL approach. This is “Universal Design for Learning” where we have a range of options and tools for students to use to support any learning they may need it for. 

For example, the iPads are available to use ‘Siri’ to check spellings or use ‘speech to text’ to support their writing.There are visuals in classrooms so tamariki know what is happening each day.Please talk with your child’s teacher about this as the tools will vary depending the age groups of our tamariki. There is further information about UDL on this site.

We also use some of our teaching assistants to work in small groups such as developing phonics or reading skills as part of the classroom programme.

We do not usually use teaching assistants to support students 1:1 as this model is not one that is shown by research to be as effective as supporting a smaller group with peers and within or near the classroom. We find that our tamariki can then take the knowledge they have learned in a smaller group back to their classroom work. There may be times that TAs are working 1:1 with a student depending on the goals of that student for that particular task.

Our teaching assistants also ‘roam’ and support so that the teachers can take smaller groups of learners and this is a model we love to use as the teachers get to work more closely with all learners!

What if my child has a report that shows they have learning needs or differences in learning? Will they get a teacher aide/ teaching assistant working with them?

The Ministry of Education doesn’t automatically fund students even if they have a diagnosed learning or behaviour need. We do, however, use the advice given in the report and will work on the goals and advice given. If you do get a report please pass it into school to the class teacher and this will be put onto our school management system (Linc-Ed Hero) so we have access to the advice. Please note that this is stored securely and confidentiality is maintained so only the teachers who are with your child will see this as well as our Learning Support Coordinator, Helen Buyers.

What happens if my child needs some more targeted support?

If your child needs more support the classroom teachers will speak with their team, team leaders and the Learning Support Coordinator (LSC). They will also speak with parents/whānau and work closely with you. They may suggest a plan to focus on specific goals and progress of these goals and this will show how we expect to meet these goals. We call this plan a CAP (Collaborative Action Plan). This plan will be set up with the teacher, parents/whānau and sometimes the student. As the LSC I may also be at the meeting. We celebrate the positives and successes of your child and then look at how we can support them more with their goals in addition to the classroom programmes.

Sometimes we ask other professionals to support us such as Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour (RTLB) or Resource Teachers for Literacy (RTlit).

These teachers can work with the classroom teacher to help them with developing the goals we have set together.

There is a separate tab on the learning support page that explains a bit more about these extra support teachers.

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