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As some of you may know, one of our Clearview student family, Nora Guise (HB15), has been walking the heroic road that is child cancer for the last year.

In August 2018, 5 year old Nora was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, cancer of the liver that occurs in 1 in 1 million.  Unfortunately, Nora’s cancer was also found to be in her lungs. Nora has gone through 9 rounds of chemotherapy, has had 3 surgeries. Nora now has over 850 beads of courage.

Nora’s liver remains cancer free but the disease in her lungs is proving to be stubborn. Nora has exhausted all of the curative treatments available in New Zealand but she has been accepted into a CAR T cell trial in Texas which is her last chance for a cure.

The costs are anticipated to be considerable at more than $200 000. The trial is part funded but Nora‘s family need your help with the rest.

It takes a village to raise a child but we need an army to save ours.

See Nora and her family on The Project, Friday 4 October.

A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to Nora’s Army from ordering the fish and chips lunch, student mufti day, buying raffle tickets, cupcakes and fruit, donating prizes for the auction and bidding/winning prizes.


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Donations can be made on her ‘Give A Little’ page.

Together we can make a difference to this family. 



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