Organising Learning Support

At Clearview, support is coordinated at the school by our Learning Support coordinator alongside our Senior Leadership team and Team leaders. We use our student management system to record any learning support needs so that the relevant teaching staff can access this information and be aware of any support required. A Diverse Learners Group meets regularly to budget, prioritise, and allocate resources, and to monitor the progress of students. It comprises the principal, associate principals and learning support coordinator.

We may also use services outside of school, as well as working collaboratively within the Ministry of Education's Learning Support Delivery Model (LSDM) to organise learning or behavioural support.

Resources that may be possible to access (depending on student needs) include therapies such as physio or occupational health, equipment and other materials, property modification and transport, as well as advice and specialist support. Whānau are included in decisions regarding the best approach to support the student's learning needs.

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