Teaching Assistants (TA)  at Clearview

Our Teaching Assistants (TAs) are a valuable resource. We currently have 12 part time TAs on our team and they are funded from various sources to support our diverse learners. The funding is directed to be used with that student.

Sometimes other people from outside agencies might recommend that your child has a TA to support them (such as your GP or if you have had a professional report for dyslexia or other learning need).  Unfortunately, schools in NZ are not funded in this way and so this may not be possible.

What we try to do as a school is to pool our wonderful TA resource so your child may benefit from a small group or else your child’s teacher may be able to spend time taking a small group while the TA roams around the class. This way means that your child can get some extra support even if they don’t have a TA directly allocated to them.

Of course, this is dependent on the needs across the school and we have to prioritise how this is used.

This is a report from our school inspectors ERO which talks about the best use of TAs and we follow these guidelines

What you need to know about teacher aides: A guide for parents and whānau

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